April 2018

Snakes and Ladders

15th April 2018

Snakes & Ladders … David Parish – Information Security Consultant “Treating individuals with respect” It’s been a little while since my last blog on GDPR and information security. I have been wading through the challenges from several sources that the new GDPR legislation potentially restricts business from operating. This is not the case!! This piece… [Read More]

How digital agencies can help ease the burden

11th April 2018

Guest blogger, Paula Halliday, Head of Digital Delivery at Formulate Digital talks about the effect GDPR will have on corporate websites and how digital agencies can help ease the burden. With the looming GDPR deadline fast approaching, companies need to tighten up processes around capturing, storing and processing personal data. The impact of GDPR is… [Read More]

Lawfulness – Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn

5th April 2018

Lawfulness – Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn are all at it! David Parish – Information Security Consultant “We have a legitimate interest” The most active debate, on-going confusion in recent months has been the issue of electronic marketing, Legitimate interest, data harvesting and privacy notices. Let’s have a whistle stop around some of the current ICO activity… [Read More]

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