November 2017

UBER Found Out!

23rd November 2017

Abi Dakin – Cyber Assurance and Compliance – HCISPP This week, Uber hit the press again after numerous controversial issues, including sexual harassment cases, privacy and safety concerns.  Now, a concealed hack, releasing both driver and customer details which occurred over 12 months ago has seen them once more in the spotlight.  600,000 employee details,… [Read More]

The Heathrow USB

6th November 2017

Heathrow investigates after Queen’s security details ‘found on USB drive discovered lying in street’  David Parish – Information Security Consultant There is clearly been a security breach as the above headlines state. The pen drive found contained 2.5GB of data, including 174 documents, which were not encrypted nor password protected, and some of which were… [Read More]

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