May 2018

New Data Protection Act 2018 Gains Royal Ascent

25th May 2018

The UK becomes one of the first states to adopt GDPR into local law as the Data Protection Act 2018 gains Royal Ascent. Nearly a year after its announcement in the Queen’s speech, the Data Protection Bill has worked its way through parliament with much debate and, with Royal Assent, is ready to move into… [Read More]

The Beauty of Love

22nd May 2018

The Beauty of Love … David Parish – Information Security Consultant “Love and fire – we as humans cannot live without either.” Only 3 days until the journey begins So, we are 3 days away from the big event and everyone is panicking. What delayed the media frenzy on GDPR was the Royal Wedding, and… [Read More]

Competitive advantage through GDPR compliance

18th May 2018

With the GDPR compliance deadline weeks away, can the GDPR be turned from a target on the back of enterprise to a competitive advantage?  Dominic Cullis, CEO of GDPR Academy says that supply chain issues in particular add complexity and may result in a kind of ‘musical chairs’. “Say I’m an organisation that is prepared… [Read More]

Beauty and The Beast

4th May 2018

Beauty and The Beast … David Parish – Information Security Consultant “The beauty of Microsoft Excel?” Beauty: The advancements of technology provide the opportunity for global data transfer at the touch of the button. I am struggling to keep up with some of the commentary in relation to GDPR and the do’s, don’ts, fines etc, let… [Read More]

High Court Ruling

High Court Ruling … David Parish – Information Security Consultant “The right to erasure – the right to be forgotten” This time it is back to Google, Facebook and WhatsApp – all is still rumbling on and there seems to be a slight parting of the waves in the relationship between Facebook and the WhatsApp hierarchy.… [Read More]

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