The Beauty of Love

The Beauty of Love …

David Parish - Information Security Consultant David Parish – Information Security Consultant

Love and fire – we as humans cannot live without either.”

Only 3 days until the journey begins

So, we are 3 days away from the big event and everyone is panicking.

What delayed the media frenzy on GDPR was the Royal Wedding, and for those that missed it, there was a considerable change in Royal protocol with the addition of an exceptional speech from Bishop Michael Bruce Curry, Head of the Episcopal Church.

This change in Royal protocol shows that we can all change in how we deal with privacy in GDPR?

Only in the context of how you approach it.

He quoted Martin Luther King on how you treat people and he finished with;

“Love and fire – we as humans cannot live without either.”

Elizabeth Denton the information commissioner states the 25th May is only the beginning of the privacy journey. Privacy is a divine right and shouldn’t be manipulated and in 400 BC Sun Tzu quoted the famous words of;

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.”

Sun Tzu was a great Chinese philosopher who talked about privacy.

We then have the 1991 film by the Commitments where they sang;

“You, me and everyone”.

Which links directly to the above.

So with less than a week to go, let’s combine it all.

  1. We all seek love
  2. We can’t live without fire
  3. No one can be 100% ready
  4. History shows us that nothing is new
  5. So embrace individuals privacy and you will grow
  6. Have a commitment to looking after peoples information

Finally, put your GDPR hat on and link it to Bishop Michael Bruce Curry who brilliantly told the world how to treat people. That’s the beauty of love: EMBRACE PRIVACY and Value individuals’ rights, as they apply to everyone.

by David Parish, Information Security Consultant – IBITGQ Certified ISO 27001 and GDPR implementation Specialist MSC Security and Risk Management

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